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Council Membership Information by City & County

Cities & Counties A - F

Atkinson County
Lace Futch - County Rep
Robert Johnson - Municipal Rep
Janice McKinnon - Private Sector Rep

Bacon County
Andy Hutto - County Rep
Peggy Murphy - Municipal Rep
Lisa Coley - Private SectorRep

Ben Hill County
Steve Taylor - County Rep
Jim Puckett - Municipal Rep
Jason Dunn - Private Sector Rep

Berrien County
Ronnie Gaskins - County Rep
Michael Richbourg - Municipal Rep
Lisa Smart - Private Sector Rep

Brantley County
Skipper Harris - County Rep
Barbara Maefield - Municipal Rep
Vacant - Private Sector Rep

Brooks County
James Maxwell - County Rep
Nancy Dennard - Municipal Rep
Zurich Deshazior - Private Sector Rep

Charlton County
James Everett - County Rep
Lee Gowen - Municipal Rep
Vacant - Private Sector Rep

Clinch County
Roger Metts - County Rep
Tom Kennedy - Municipal Rep
Willie Hardee, Jr - Private Sector Rep

Coffee County
Jimmy Kitchens - County Rep
Robert Moore - Municipal Rep
Adam Smith - Private SectorRep

Cook County
Lindsey Parrish - County Rep
Buddy Duke - Municipal Rep
Derry Bennett - Private Sector Rep

Echols County
Stanley Corbett - County Rep
Cheryl Garner - Private Sector Rep

Cities & Counties G - P

Irwin County
Joey Whitley - County Rep
Matt Seale - Municipal Rep
Mona Paulk - Private Sector Rep

Lanier County
Dennis Fender - County Rep
Bill Darsey - Municipal Rep
John Fitton - Private Sector Rep

Lowndes County
Joyce Evans - County Rep
Vivian Miller-Cody - Municipal Rep
Anthony Payton - Private Sector Rep

Pierce County
Neal Bennett - County Rep
Kevin Grissom - Municipal Rep
Andy Brannen - Private SectorRep

Cities & Counties Q - Z

Tift County
Grady Thompson - County Rep
Julie Smith - Municipal Rep
Brian Marlowe - Private SectorRep

Turner County
Nick Denham - County Rep
Sandra Lumpkin - Municipal Rep
Vacant - Private Sector Rep

Ware County
Carlos Nelson - County Rep
John Knox - Municipal Rep
Barbara King - Private Sector Rep


Governor's Office
Norman "Bo" Lovein, III
Guy Daughtrey
Jonathan Jones

Lt. Governor's Office
Keith Stone

Speakers Office

The SGRC 18-county region

The SGRC 18-county region

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